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The platform is open to individuals and companies looking to promote investment opportunities, that meet our criteria, using property crowdfunding as an alternative to the traditional methods of sale.

Although Propnology undertakes to promote the sale of an offering, on the platform, partners are encouraged to leverage their own marketing channels during the funding period, e.g. client databases and social media.

If you have an opportunity which you feel would be suitable for the platform, please contact us for more information.

The platform can host a variety of property investment types across Residential and Commercial property classes. Residential investments include individual apartments, houses, apartment blocks and portfolios. Commercial offerings comprise of industrial, office, retail and leisure investment opportunities.

Projects must offer value to the investor in terms of high yield, capital appreciation, below market value or a mixture of these elements.

Please see our Minimum Investment Criteria to understand the restrictions in place for properties being listed on the platform.

To increase investor confidence and trust - and therefore reduce funding and completion times - the platform operates a tiered recognition program, based on the number of successfully crowdfunded properties a partner has introduced. The program has 4 tiers, each with distinct thresholds and benefits. As your relationship with Propnology grows, so will the program benefits you receive.

Silver Partners
This demonstrates that we have successfully crowdfunded one property introduced to the platform. Silver Partners will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Partner profile on the Propnology crowdfunding platform
  • Silver tier logo appearing on all listing information

Gold Partners
Gold Partner status reflects a loyalty and continued commitment to Propnology.  In addition to the core Silver benefits, partners who have successfully introduced five properties, or property in excess of £1million to the platform, will enjoy the following:

  • Prominence on homepage 
  • Gold tier logo appearing on all listing information

Platinum Partners
Our Platinum Partners enjoy a strategic relationship with Propnology, and frequently use the platform as a sales and marketing channel for their business.  In addition to the core Gold benefits, partners who have successfully introduced twenty five properties, or property in excess of £5million to the platform, will enjoy the following:

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Platinum tier logo appearing on all listing information

Diamond Partners
Our Diamond Partner status represents our highest level of recognition and trust.  In addition to the core Platinum benefits, partners who have successfully introduced fifty properties, or property in excess of £10million to the platform, will enjoy the following:

  • Our highest level of marketing support for all listings
  • Diamond tier logo appearing on all listing information

No, we do not charge our Partners to use the platform.

Propnology's fees are applied in two ways;

  1. A platform-based crowdfunding fee of 5% is payable, based on the overall project cost, and deducted once the legal process has been completed. This fee also covers the costs associated with payment processing, escrow services and anti-money laundering checks.
  2. An annual SPV management fee, equivalent to 0.5% of the overall project cost, to monitor and administer the investment on behalf of the investors. This fee is billed on a quarterly basis, in line with investor dividend distribution.