The Propnology crowdfunding platform provides a listing facility for investors looking to liquidate their shares.

All investment offerings are subject to minimum investment period and are clearly defined within the online listing.  However, we recognise that circumstances can change and some investors may need to sell. In such events, we provide an introduction service to enable sellers to connect with buyers. 

To authorise Propnology, sellers will first need to download and complete the Share Sale Form. Once we receive your instruction, your shares will be listed on the platform.

Please note that there is a minimum investment threshold of £500. Shares will therefore need to be listed in muliples of £500.  

Propnology charges the seller a 5% administration for this service.  The administration covers the listing preparation, payment processing and the legal formalities relating to the transfer.

Download the Share Sale Form.

The acquisition process for buying shares from existing shareholders is similar to purchasing new shares within a crowdfunded investment opportunity. You can contact the seller via the Q&A section of the listing, view historic documentation associated with the investment, create a binding contract with the seller and send funds securely online. 

It is worth noting that transaction values of £1000 and above are subject to Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (0.5%).  This cost will be made clear on the listing and included within the overall share sale offer. 

The sales of shares are subject to tax and sellers should seek advice from an accountant regarding their individual tax position. All sale proceeds are paid gross of tax and it is the seller's responsibility to declare any sales on their personal tax return.

Although the Propnology Share Marketplace provides an opportunity to resell shares, there is no guarantee that a buyer will be successfully found, at any given time, and it may be necessary for shares to be retained for the full investment term.