Property Developers

The Propnology crowdfunding platform provides a unique sales channel for the sale of new build property with access to a network of approved investors.

Unlike traditional sales, which may be dependent on third party finance or involve a chain of buyers, with crowdfunding you are effectively marketing to cash buyers, motivated to complete and realise a return on their investment.

We work directly with developers, on both a local and national level, to offer our investors properties, which deliver a strong yield, with the potential for capital growth over a pre-defined investment term. Whether you are developing single or multiple units, the combined buying power of the crowd enables us to fund deals quickly and efficiently.

Whilst the platform may not be appropriate for all types of new build property, the following types are particularly suitable to property crowdfunding;

  • Commercial and residential property
  • New build discounted off-plan property
  • End of development stock
  • Discounted property based on quick completion
  • High yielding investment property
  • Properties with leaseback or guaranteed rental agreements
  • Volume-sourced deals
  • Built and operational new build stock
  • Tenanted new build stock